T.N. Thompson Enterprises

The Dynomite Builder!

Tommy Thompson has been building homes in the La Crosse area for over 30 years which makes him experienced, trustworthy and knowledgeable.  With his wife Sandy they have done more than build houses, they have built homes where families grow and where dreams are met. The one thing you will find out about working with Tommy and Sandy is it is personal to them.  They care about the process, how you are involved and they want you to be happy with your home and to enjoy your future in that home.

As a one stop shop of helping design, planning, estimating and building the Thompson’s work as a team to help your dream home become your real home.  From small to big homes, condos to apartments T.N.Thompson has done them all. With the experience that they offer and the knowledge they bring to the table you truly have a dynomite team working for you!

Meet Tommy and Sandy

Born and raised in the Coulee Region!

Years ago these two found out that they were not only in love but worked well together.  Since then they have raised a wonderful family and built many homes!  Trust and faith have kept T.N. Thompson is business as long as they have been and maybe a little family!

We are full of interesting creative ideas!

This is why we are a team!  After years of watching the changes in the market and in design we can bring wonderful ideas to the table to make your house a home and the dream you have always wanted!

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